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NEWEST BOOK: 70 Second Sensei.

70 Second Sensei

Soul of the Genius Sensei
Living and Teaching beyond the Nuts & Bolts

From the bestselling authors of Dude, The World’s Gonna Punch You in the Face, The Big Bloody Book of Violence, and Musashi’s Dokkodo…

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Hone your mind and sharpen your spirit!
Once you have mastered the physical aspects of your martial art, it is time to take it to the next level—to lead, to teach, to leave a legacy. This innovative book shows you how.

“It is always shin, the spirit, that decides the fate of the battle,” wrote Taisen Deshimaru in The Zen Way to the Martial Arts. Indeed, in nearly every human endeavor what separates world-class individuals from also-rans is the mental game. Application, instruction, and holistic self-development, these are the hallmarks of the exceptional sensei.



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Stickman Publications, Inc. was founded by Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder, two thought leaders in the world of martial arts, self-exploration, and navigating violence. Bestselling authors who have earned numerous awards for their books and DVDs, they take their reader’s trust and appreciation seriously, continually striving to offer relevant and useful materials that will benefit their readership.

The name Stickman Publications comes from a rural legend in Kris’ hometown where the story relates that a pilot was impaled by his airplane propeller when he crashed in the mountains, yet miraculously survived. He now wanders the hillsides throwing rocks at teenagers who would dare park near his mountain at night. Both authors like this symbol of the boogeyman, as their works often deal with the shadow side of human existence, hence went with an adaptation of the Stickman with its black and white colors and simple illustration of the human form.


Lawrence A. Kane
Lawrence A. Kane is a world-renown judicious use-of-force expert, martial artist, security professional, and bestselling author. He has studied martial arts since 1970. To pay the bills he develops IT strategies for an aerospace company where he gets to play with billions of dollars of other people’s money and make really important decisions.
Kris Wilder
Kris Wilder is a small business owner, bestselling author, and martial arts instructor who teaches seminars worldwide. A National Representative for the University of New Mexico’s Institute of Traditional Martial Arts, he has earned black belt rankings in three styles, Goju Ryu karate (5th dan), taekwondo (2nd dan), and judo (1st dan).


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