The Little Black Book of Violence

The Little Black Book of Violence for Your Self-Defense
Fighting and Self-Defense

This book will save lives!” – Alain Burrese, JD, former US Army 2nd Infantry Division Scout Sniper School Instructor

Men commit 80 percent of all violent crimes and are twice as likely to become the victims of aggressive behavior. This book is primarily written for men ages 15 to 35, and contains more than mere self-defense techniques.

This book is about violence. It is about running into something that you have probably never encountered in your life, but that will change your whole world if you do. We’re not talking about a schoolyard brawl or a fistfight between buddies here, but rather the deeper, dark kind of altercations, the ones where oftentimes someone doesn’t walk away, and win or lose you may very well be scarred for life.

If you picked up this book because you are interested in self-defense and want to give yourself the best chance of surviving a violent encounter, you’ve come to the right place. If, instead, you’ve just had a run-in with the dark side, are trying to make sense of what occurred, and re looking for strategies to ensure that it will not happen again, well, you’ve come to right right place for that too.

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Finalist – 2010 Book of the Year Award by ForeWord Magazine
Finalist – 2010 USA Best Book Award


The Little Black Book of Violence will arm you with the knowledge and good sense to make informed choices in hazardous situations. While some yahoo spewing insults about your favorite sports team is worlds apart from a drug-crazed lunatic lunging at you with a sharp knife in his hands and bloodlust in his eyes, there is a large gray area in between these two extremes where hard and fast rules do not always apply. This is where wisdom, oftentimes hard-earned wisdom, makes the difference between good decisions and bad ones.

Every time you engage in violence, no matter how small or trivial it may appear to be at the time, it has the potential of escalating into something extraordinarily serious. What is really worth fighting for when you might find yourself spending the rest of your life behind bars, confined to a wheelchair, or trying to dig yourself out of bankruptcy from beneath the crushing weight of a civil lawsuit? It is important to ask yourself, “Is this really worth fighting over?” While in some instances the response could legitimately be “Yes,” more often than not it ought to be “No.”

More than mere techniques, this book fills in crucial information about street survival that most martial arts instructors don’t teach or even know. You will learn how to use awareness, avoidance, and de-escalation to help stave off violence. Despite the best intentions, however, you may still find yourself in situations where you have no choice but to fight and others where it is prudent to do so. Consequently you will also learn smart things you might want to try and dumb things you should attempt to avoid during a physical confrontation.

In addition to learning strategies and techniques for defending yourself on the street you will also learn how to manage the aftermath of violence, including performing first aid, interacting with law enforcement, managing witnesses, finding a good attorney, navigating the legal system, dealing with the press, and overcoming psychological trauma.